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4 FREE ways to beat summer boredom

Longer days, better weather and no school are just a few reasons why summer may be a favorite season. But sometimes the lazy days of summer can also mean boredom. Try these fun and free ideas to have a great summer!

Check your local library

Libraries are a great source of fun for your whole family. Getting a library card is free and easy. All you have to do is bring your ID and proof of address to start borrowing. These days, libraries have more than books. Many have music, TV shows, movies and more for rent. Plus, most branches have fun activities for kids and adults during the summer months.

Find a library near you! Visit www.usa.gov/libraries.

Get social

Social media is a great tool for finding events near you. If you’re not on social media, anyone with an email address can start a Facebook account. Search for fun events in your area using the location tool. This is a free way to find events close to home or work for everyone in your family.

Try your acting skills

Break up afternoon boredom with a talent show or play. Get the whole family involved! Act out scenes from your favorite books or movies. Get creative! Use props from around the house or yard.

Get some fresh air

Get outside for some free fun! Have a picnic in a park. Get your street together for a game of tag. Go to the playground with friends. Get some exercise by walking along a trail. Need help finding trails near you? Put your ZIP code into www.traillink.com.

Going outside has huge benefits. Spending a little time outdoors can:

  • Make you less stressed.
  • Help you concentrate.
  • Up your levels of vitamin D.
  • Maybe help you heal faster.

Every little bit counts! You can start feeling good after 15 minutes or less.

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