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New Vision Benefits for Adults — Why Your Eye Health Matters

Seeing is believing. Taking care of your eyes can affect your whole health. That’s why Healthy Blue is now offering vision benefits for adults 21 and over at no cost, on top of all your Medicaid benefits. 

With all you to do to keep you and your family healthy, we’re here to help you make your eye health a priority! These are some of the top reasons why healthy eyes matter:

  1. You may not know you need glasses until you put them on. You may think your eyesight is perfect until you see what the world really looks like with glasses. Your eye doctor will do different tests on your eyesight to find out if you’re having trouble seeing things close or far away. If you do need glasses and you’re a Healthy Blue member, you get a pair of lenses and frames for free every two years. So you won’t ever miss out on some of your favorite moments because you can’t see. 
  2. Eye exams help catch eye diseases before they get worse. Getting a yearly eye exam can help catch or prevent vision problems. Some eye diseases may not have any noticeable symptoms at all. Treating diseases like cataracts and glaucoma early on can even prevent blindness or total vision loss down the road. 
  3. Your eyes can give you clues about other health issues. Your eye exam can tell you a lot about the rest of your overall health. In fact, your eye doctor may be able to tell you about other health problems you’re having, like diabetes or high blood pressure, before your primary care doctor can. Don’t put off your eye exam this year because now with Healthy Blue, eye exams are free for adults. 

You look out for the ones you care about. Let Healthy Blue look out for you. Join our Family of BlueSM  today and get all your Medicaid benefits like doctor visits, prescriptions and now vision benefits for adults at no cost. 

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